06 April 2012

Finally...The Hunger Games

{I jumped on board and have read the first two books in this addicting series.  I am about to start the third so PLEASE DON'T comment on what happens.  Well, I decided to go and see the movie and loved it.  Yes, it was a little teeny bopperish, but the cast list included some heavy hitters.  While I loved Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, I thought that Stanley Tucci stole the screen as Caesar Flickerman.  He is such an amazing actor, and he really matched the character I had created in my head while I was reading the book.  And Elizabeth Banks made the perfect Effie Trinket.  So yes, I am SOOO trendy by becoming a fan of the Hunger Games, but I high recommend the books and movie.  They are an easy read, yet have some great underlying themes.  

And another reason I loved the movie is because my bestie T. Swift has two songs on the album.  Check out the two songs below.  And please excuse the video for Eyes Open.  It seems Taylor just has not been able to make an actual video, so I opted for the cheesy homemade one.  You know you like it.}

{photos via pinterest}

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