05 August 2008

TT and Anthrax

As I was drinking my morning cup of coffee, I was startled when reading a certain article in the paper - "Anthrax suspect obsessed with sorority". And of course, my chapter was the one! I kept reading, and turns out, the suspect of the Antrhax scares had an obsession with Kappa. I mean, everyone knows we are awesome and gorgeous, but really. Supposedly he was turned down by a chapter member during his college days, and has been stalking it ever since. Crazy. You have to read this story:

A travesty has happened in my life dealing with the recent People Magazine. I have been to two Walgreens, and neither had the copy with Brad and Angie's baby pics! Ahhh. If some of you have it, I am so jealous. I will have to go to a bookstore to buy it today. And if I can't find one, hopefully a generous fan will be able to send me a copy. Thanks.

My drink tip of the day is not a specific recipe - but just a tip that I find very useful. I believe that you should always have atleast two bottles of wine at your house. One white, one red. This will be great so you can pair it with whatever you are serving for dinner, have a glass after a long day, or if you have a hottie over after the bars, you can offer them just one more drink. Having the wine makes you look just fabulous, and can be a great decoration. When I am more fabulous one day, I plan on having a cellar in my house. It is going to be simply amazing.

For some good news, Morgan Freeman is doing much better! I tried to get into his room last night at The Med but was turned down by the bodyguard. I then explained that I had a fabulous blog and that Morgan would of course want to be in it. I even told him that we share the same name (Morgan is my middle name). However, I did not make it past the barricade. I wanted to get a pic to post, but will just have to talk about the news that he is doing much better.

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