07 August 2008

Celeb in the 901 and Shrek on Broadway

Yes, there was a celeb sighting in the 901, and no, I was not there to see it. However, featured writer Janna, was there to see it in all the glory. Billy Bob Thornton was playing with his band at Hi-Tone last night. Can you believe that he was married to Angelina Jolie? OMG, I am so glad that she is now with Brad. (By the way, I am still on the hunt for that People mag, send one my way if you get a copy.) Janna will be writing a full length story for the blog in the next few days, but is busy now job searching, planning our new superfab place and of course loving on Bojangles (her dog). However, her is the unreleased quote and picture from her. Get excited, because this is the only place in the world you will see it. Unless of course, it is re-printed in US under "Celeb Quotes of the Week".

Janna said, "Billy Bob is my hero. He makes chain smoking, wearing sleeveless shirts, and being a redneck fashionable and fabulous. If only all of the hillbillies in Tennessee could learn from his example. "

Also, get excited Shrek fans. An anonymous source from LA has told me that a Broadway production of Shrek is planned and in rehearsel. This source told me that it is going to open in Seattle and then go to Broadway. I think that it is going to be wonderful. And yes, this is true. I do have sources now that the blog has gone global. I am not as connected as Perez, but I am working my way torward his level. I wonder what kind of songs will be in the production. I hope that some of the characters fly across the stage, especially Donkey. He is so funny and fabulous.

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