22 August 2008

The Hills, PR, and of course, Olympic Fever

Gosh, I have not written since TT! Wow, sorry y'all. Well, it has been such a busy week. Working can just take it out of you, ya know? And then I thought with my new iphone I could update instantly (which I can) but it takes a little bit longer than a regular computer. However, the phone will of course provide the link when an emergency posting is neccessary.

The Hills is back for the 4th season. And bring on the drama. When this show first started I was a huge LC fan. Loved her. Had the theme song for the show as my ringtone (thanks Cory for reminding me about that!). Well, now, I am still addicted to it but think that LC has just gone down the drain. I mean, she is just plain mean. And I know, everyone is now saying that Lo is the bitchy one. I disagree. I have always loved loved loved Lo. Ever since Laguna Beach. I have had a connection with her because she is like me in the way that:
  • She is funny, with a sarcastic and sometimes dry humor.
  • A loyal friend, always there for LC when drama occurred.
  • Keeps in touch with all different friends.
  • Loves to socialize and always looks super fabulous.
  • And this is what I heard from a source : She is a Kappa!

So (for those of you who don't watch, lame) Lo is being blamed for tearing LC and Audrina apart. I mean hello, Lo and LC will of course be closer because they have known each other since birth. Lo was there when LC was having trouble with Steven Colletti. So, I believe that Lo was not being a bitch when she went to confront Audrina - she just wanted to settle the situation. I am also like Lo in that we both do not like confrontation. Therefore, I think she handled herself well, even when Audrina (gasp!) says they can not be friends. Well, whatev. The show is of course fake and scripted, but that is what makes me love it even more.

Project Runway was a scream this week - they had to design for Drag Queens. I loved it because there were tons of sequins, feathers, and bright colors. It took me back to my dance recital days of glitter and hairspray. I loved that Joe won, his pink sailor outfit was to die for. I would def wear it if I was a drag queen, but thank goodness I am not. I guess I would never really wear it then. I was also in agreeance with the judges - Daniel needed to be "out". He neve listens to what the challenges are! However, he is dating a fellow contestant Wesley (who was out week 2) and they plan on creating a line together which I am sure will be super glam. So, I guess that they both won love even though they lost the real prize of being season 5 winner.

Ahhhh - so many allegations are against the Chinese women gymnasts! Sources (both my secret ones and those of the AP kind) are claiming that many of the ladies are not at the legal age of 16. Duh. Like I said in a previous post, they do not look like it. I can't even spend anymore time discussing this because it makes me too upset.

In the world of Harry Potter - I have received some interesting news from a source in Orlando. I can reveal this source's name because she is super fabulous. (Well, all of my sources are, but some just choose to stay secretive which I also love) Miss Abby Wallace, a fellow alum of both UT and Kappa, lives the good life in sunny Orlando. Abby and I really bonded one night when I was a mere Freshmen who got into Cool Beans. After a fun filled blurry night, I do remember going back to her apartment and eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking milk. Abby is so funny and a great friend. She likes southern boys, and gets so excited when she finds them in Orlando. She has always been like a big sister to me and helped show me how to have a fun time at UT . (Sidenote: She also got our hotel room in Nashville VIP treatment so that makes her even more fab because she is like a celeb) So, here is an update straight from Universal in dealing with the HP theme park:

"I just wanted you to know since you are huge HP fan that once the new movie gets released to video (otherwise known as DVD) it will have a sneak peak of the new HP island opening at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Also, the island opening is suppose to coinside with the next movie coming out! (I'm confident the park opening will be later than dec 09 :( but you will eventually make it here!!!"

Thanks Miss Wallce, I know that I, along with all the HP nerds that read my blog, are thrilled by this piece of information.

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