08 August 2008

Lotus and More Abbrevs

I was recently informed the other day about The Lotus Code. What is this, you may ask? It is a book filled with texting abbrevs, over 6,000 codes! Of course, I have to have it! But, when I looked to see that you had to buy it I thought that was pretty lame. However, you can enter in YOUR OWN ABBREVS and if they publish it, you get a free copy! I am going to enter some, of course. Dear Jenny sent me the information and we hope to get published. I know, it will be amazing. I have many friends who major in the sciences and are published for studies, but this is my study in abbrevs.

Also, some new abbrevs:
Bump- Bumper Sticker (as in car or facebook)
LNTB - Late Night Taco Bell
DD- Drunk Dial
DT- Drunk Texting
Add these to your vocab and you will be even more fabulous!

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