13 August 2008

Back to Business

Hello everyone, and yes, I have been out of pocket for awhile. I will call this time off researching, but in all reality I was just being fabulous and working. So, a big day happened in my life this past weekend, I became a year older. It was of course so bomb. I spent it in Nashville with people who I find fabulous and a few other rando's with short skirts. After enjoying a great sushi dinner, my entourage and I decided to go dance on a light up dance floor where I ran into some great friends from both Briarcrest and Tennessee and then ended the night at a piano bar where I decided to get a "little tipsy".

Alot has happened in the celeb world, but I believe that we should all take a moment to remember the lives of both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. Two great entertainers. And Hayes was found in his Memphis home, so his death has been a local celeb story. So, have a toast to both Mac and Hayes tonight and remember all of the wonderful things that they donated to the world of entertainment.

It is the Olympics - go USA! It is a time when we should all feel alive with patriotism. (Even though I believe you should always be this way!) Michael Phelps - what a beast. He is amazing. I just want to squeeze his muscles. I heard from an inside source that he has been eating 8,000 - 10,000 calories a day. OMG! If I did that, I would be a contestant for the next season of The Biggest Loser. However, he burns it on up. And congrats to Phelps, who is now the most decorated Olympic athlete in history. I am also pulling for Shawn Johnson to win the all-around Gold. She is so cute, I just want to put her in my pocket! And she also maintains a normal life outside of gymnastics, which is wonderful too. I believe that the women did an excellent job going for the gold, but the Chinese beat them out. I think it is a little ridiculous though because some of the girls on China's team do NOT look 16. A good friend once said, "Hey if she looks old enough, it is alright..." Well this philosophy does not apply to this point, but Olympic officials said all of their passports did check out. Whatev.

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