29 August 2008

The true meaning of TGIF and Superpowers

Now that I am working, I truly understand the meaning of TGIF. Ahhhh, the day of the week where you know that the next day you can sleep in and do whatever you please. In college, I used to think that I understood this abbrev. And of course, I did love Fridays then too because it was the "official" start of the weekend according to my calendar. However, as we all know, the unofficial start is on Thursday, and if you are in the mood, an occasional Wednesday. (We all know how much Sunspot's Wine Wednesday can get you into trouble. First, you are like, oh yea, I am just going to have a glass or two. Well three hours later you are taking shots at Cool Beans.) Well the moral of the lesson is that I truly value my weekends now. Hard work deserves a break and of course, play time. Now only if my office, along with yours, could get half-days every Friday. That would be super bomb.

As a child, I did not read comics or anything like that. However, I do enjoy Batman, Spiderman, Superman movies now. So, I was thinking the other day, what superpower would I want? I mean everyone says to fly, that is lame, I can get on an airplane. I also thought about wanting to have the power of an invisbility cloak like Harry, but I am not running from a dark wizard who is trying to kill me. Then I thought about the power to dissolve into a liquid like substance, but that is way to Alex Mack for me. So, I finally decided - I wish I could just snap my fingers and be anywhere I pleased. Like the other night, I would have snapped my fingers and ended up in North Carolina at a John Mayer concert. I also decided that I could use my power to take people with me. Like, if you are holding my hand, I could snap my fingers and we could both end up at the beach drinking Coronas. I know this kind of sounds dorky, but you should really think about what your power would be.

PR was great this week, and I am so glad that Keith was kicked off. One, he was terrible. And two, he was terrible. When he started to cry I was just rolling my eyes and was like get off the screen. So, thank-you Heidi and Michael for making the show that much better. The Hills of course was drama filled. This season is even more ridiculous than the others, you can tell it is totally scripted. However, I would like to go to the bars/clubs that LC and Lo party it. It seems so glam. And, Lo did try to talk to Audrina again while they were out. Like I said, I am still sticking with Team Lo.

So, I have decided that I really do not like the coffee that we have at work. It is just blah and normal. I am def going to have to buy a huge thing of Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla as my Christmas present to everyone. They may not know it now, but they will thank me in advance. Also, I do not like the fact that many people around me are having celeb sighthings and I am not. Hopefully the stars will align for me and that this weekend I will get to run into someone truly fabulous and then I can blog about it. Ah - that would be the highlight of the weekend.

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