16 August 2008

Catching up and why I don't like U-Scans

Well so many things have been happening in my life this past week, it has just been a whirlwind. I am know going to collect my thoughts and share with you the fabulous things that have been happening with of course me, and also with the rest of the world.

Let's get down to it. Michael Phelps is not human. He is a swimming machine. I don't know how he does it. Even when it seems as if he is not going to win he pulls through at the last second. I think he is superfab. I would never date him though because he is either in the pool, eating, swimming. And he is so much more muscular than I am - he would crush me if we were to dry hump. Also, I always wonder, what is he listening to on his ipod before he races? Is it a podcast of motivational words? Or is it some pump up music? Metallica or 3-6 Mafia? Or is it the "so hot right now" Jonas Brothers. That is the million dollar question of the Olympics. Leave comments below on what you think that he is listening to before he takes the plunge. I wonder if Apple paid him to use the ipod? Probably not, but it is a thought.

The women gymnastics did have a silver lining! Both the gold and silver went to the USA. Way to go Nastia and Shawn! Represent the red, white and blue! Even though I was pulling for Shawn to win, only because she was so cute I could put her in my pocket, I am very happy the way things turned out. Nastia delivered a perfect performance, especially on the uneven bars. I did tear up when they received their medals - that is always my favorite part of the Olympics. I only tear up though when an American wins gold because of course, the Star Spangled Banner hits right at home for me.

Speaking of life changing moments, I had one this week. I became an owner of an iphone! I know, I know. Some may say that it is too much for a phone, why do you need it? Let me tell you - it is simply amazing. I can do anything with it. I can even update the blog. So now, I simply don't have an excuse for being behind (Sorry loyal fans). But yes, the phone is amazing. I feel as if I have the world at my fingertips and feel so superfab when I whip it out to send a text or pick up a phone call. I did not know how I would feel about the touch screen, but it is amazing - much better than texting with T9. You must get one! Your life will change! For example, last night over dinner, Janna and I were discussing a trip that we want to take. So, I pulled up the Northwest page and looked at ticket prices. Simply amazing. Another funny story that goes with this phone is that I am going to a class at the apple store to learn how to use it. I understand the basic functions, but I am going to get the Apple guys to show me some tricks of the trade so I can be even more fabulous when I use it. If you think I am dorky for doing this, I don't even care. I have an iphone, do you? (If you do - kudos to you.)

Hm, I found something else the other day that I do not like. U-Scan at the supermarkets. Every time I go to one it is exactly around the second item I am scanning that I think to myself, "Molls, why did you go to this thing? They drive you crazy!" These machines lure you in with their ease and short lines. Plus, you can get out real quick if you have a few items. Well let me tell you, even with a few items, it is so easy to convince the machine you are stealing if you move one pack of DC away from the sensor. Then the lady who works the post near the machines has to click a few buttons and glares your way. Ah, the U-Scan. Even though it does make me mad, I am sure I will still use them in the future. What a double edged sword!

Project Runway was wonderful this week. Brooke Shields was the guest judge and the designers had to create a look for her character, Wendy, on the show Lipstick Jungle. I felt as if I had a fair advantage in watching this show because I also watched Lipstick Jungle. If you missed this show, I am not surprised, but it is coming back for a second season. It is about three powerful women in New York and their lives. It is kind of like Sex and the City, but not really. It is entertaining to say the least and was one of my faves during the Writer's Strike. Ok, back to PR. So, Kelli was kicked off, which I find sad. But her leopard print suit was terrible with a capital t. I thought Blayne's was terrible also, but his personality adds to the humor in the show. The only thing I disagreed with was the winner. I liked Darrel's outfit the best - can I get one? Next week they have to create costumes for drag queens - I can't wait!

So I hope that everyone is having a relaxing weekend. Mine has been great so far. The only lame thing about working is now my body is used to getting up early so I feel as if I can't sleep in. What? I am turning into one of those people. But, like I was telling someone the other day, my 23 year has been the best so far. I know I know, I have only been this age for a week but so many wonderful things have happened I just know it can only get more fabulous from here.

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