31 August 2008

Celeb Sunday Holiday Edition

Attention! Attention! A celebrity was seen in Oxford, Mississippi this weekend. I know, it was amazing what the locals did when a girl with her own blog came into town. Yes, everyone, Oxford welcomed me as a celeb. A local club gave me an open mic night where I read my blog to thrones of fans. Ok, so that was a dream situation. And while the stars did not align for me to run into any "real" celebs this weekend, I def saw some girls trying to be some in The Grove. Ah yes, college football has returned ladies and gentlemen.

My adventures started on Friday when I packed my bags into the back of the Regen's car and headed to Oxford. The Regens (Sloan and Becca) are on their way to becoming pharmacists and are going to be of great help if I ever need any under the counter meds. I decided to ride down with them because I knew that a. they would enjoy my company, b. I don't really like to drive, c. I really don't like to drive on interstates, and d. I feel more like a celeb being chauffeured around. I ventured to Oxford so I could take in some college football and of course see the wonderful Ellison Howle. Elle is a great friend from high school, who loves dancing, children, and Action News 5. We had a wonderful weekend taking in the grove, eating some great southern food, and enjoying the square nightlife. Though I am not the biggest Ole Miss fan, it was the closest way for me to enjoy some SEC football. The Vols are playing in LA tomorrow night, and while I wish I could so be there (I mean, celebs and the Vols in one place?) I just could not get my pilot in time. Oh well, maybe next time.

So, some real celebs have been really busy over the Holiday weekend. The biggest story, in my opinion, is that Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift are dating. They have both been seen at each other's concerts. Swift has also said that she wants someone who understands what she does. I love this couple, they are so precious. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will not become hot messes. If I was ever to be a "cougar" I would def date Joe Jonas. But that is even weird to think about because he is not even 18 yet. So, that thought is borderline illegal.

Even though I do not want them to turn into a has-been, I do love a hot mess. My favorite hot mess is of course, Britney. Second runner-up is Lindsay Lohan. But, let's get back to Miss Spears. Her hot mess status started when she married that loser K-Fed. However, I do pray each night that she will be performing this year at the VMA's. I think if she comes back with a powerhouse performance, she will redeem herself from last year.

Speaking of the VMA's, I know you are all getting just as excited as I am. I always love the performances and of course, love to see the fashion. I am going to need this entire week to get ready for the broadcast. I will provide my picks for some of the categories later on in the week. Please feel free to let me know who you think should win too.

Technology is something that we all depend way too much on. I am guilty. Yesterday, my iphone froze and I thought that my life was over. I mean really, I did survive. And of course when I went to the apple store today very distraught, the guy pressed two buttons and was like "Voila! You are good to go!" I stood in sheer amazement that I almost started crying. I wanted to give him a tip but he was like no, no, this happens to people all the time. And yes, it is always great to get an e-mail or a text from a long lost friend, but remember, we can survive without technology. I did it for an entire 21 hours and am alright.

If you want to be a local celeb this week, please volunteer in any way to help those who have been effected by Gustav. Yesterday, it was all too clear that this is devastating when I saw throngs of Louisiana tags traveling north to Memphis. Even if it is gathering food for the local Red Cross, get out there and help!

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