08 August 2008

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As my favorite summer reality series came to an end last night, I started to think about if America got the favorite dancer right. Well, I think that answer is no. However, Joshua, the winner, did do a great job this season. Personally, I wanted Katee to win. And yes, I did vote for her a mulitiple times. When she did not win last night, I yelled at the TV and wished that I had kept voting throughout the two hours. It was obvious that Katee was the best in the Top 4, seeing that she performed the most last night. See, the judges got to choose their favorite dances from the entire season, and Katee was the one who danced the most. Oh well, she will still have an amazing career. As the same with Will, my favorite. When Will and Katee danced to "Imagine" I almost cried, it was beautiful. I love to watch dancing, especially when it tells a story. I will never forget the first time I saw the Nutcracker, what a life changing experience.

Well the reason that I did not keep voting for Katee is because me new reality obsession, Project Runway, was on. Actually I had to watch the dvr version, so the rest of the world knew before me who was kicked off. Oh well, the price you pay when you are just fabulous and having to watch mulitiple shows. This week, Heidi and Tim challenged the designers to make a female outfit for the American Olympic Team. This outfit was supposed to represent what the desginer thought the team should wear in the opening ceremony. And thank goodness that Jennifer went home - she did not even have red in her ensemble. Hello?!?! Our colors are red, white and blue. She just had gold with a navy jacket, and it did not look like the Olympics AT ALL. The skirt was cute, but for cocktails with your girlfriends or your boo. I was not sad to see her leave because her personality was blah and she was just blah blah blah.

Have you ever won a contest you enter online? I sure have not. I always enter them on glamour.com for jeans, make-up, trips, etc. I am not that frequent with entering, however my sister is. She enters everything! Whit is always receiving different samples in the mail and just won a pair of boots. I guess that I just need to be entering in these contests all the time. Today, glamour.com sent me one to win the same diamonds that all the celebs have. Bomb.

So I found the Brad and Angie People. My week is complete. It is just simply wonderful. I also love how there was a pic of Katherine Heigl with her bff TR Knight. (Izzie and George from Grey's for all of you that have been living under a rock.) They were at the mall and she had a bag from Sephora!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, we are going to be best friends, I just feel it.

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