04 August 2008


Well, I decided to switch Celeb Sunday to Celeb Monday.  After being delayed at the airport, I could not just get my thoughts together.  So here we go:
  • Morgan Freeman has been in a serious car accident and is currently at the Med in Memphis.  He went off the road in Mississippi late Sunday evening and is in serious condition.  We all hope you feel better Mr. Freeman!
  • Brad and Angie have done it - released pictures of the new twins, that is.  The new People came out today with pics of the newborns.  Go get it.  You can think of it as a reward for making it through Monday.  That is what I did, and it was a great gift to myself.  
  • I heard on the radio over the weekend that Lindsay Lohan may be marrying her girlfriend...WHAT?!? This is just insane.  However, this accusation is not true.  But, it did freak me out when I read it!  I just remember the days when she used to date Wilmer Valderemma - wonder if they still poke each other on Facebook.
After flying to my fabulous vacay for the weekend - I realized that sometimes people talk about the craziest things on the flight.  I mean, you are stuck together in a small place and you are telling the random stranger everything about your life?  Puhlease.  I have talked to people before, but sometimes you just want to put on your ipod and pretend like you are sleeping.

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