31 January 2011


Award season is in full swing - and the stars did not dissapoint at the SAG awards last night.  One trend that I am really loving is how stars belted long gowns.  It gives the formal dresses a funky look.  Some of my favorite:

There were plenty of feathers, gold tones, sequins, and belts to go around - I was in heaven looking at these photos.  I also loved the casual hair some of the stars had with their gowns, it gave them a fresh look.  I would have to say Angie Harmon's pink feathered gown {last picture} was to die for, and was my favorite look of the night.

Another point that I want to discuss - why is it that a pill has not been invented to help chocoholics like me?  I need to get with a scientist ASAP and work with them to help create a pill that you take when you are tempted to tear into a bag of M&Ms.  After taking this pill, if you eat chocolate in a four hour period, it would somehow change the taste of sweet coco beans to that of brussel sprouts, thus making you not want to eat delicious sweets every day.  If you have any connections, let me know.  I am thinking that this invention will make it big, even bigger than Snooki's poof.

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