17 January 2011

monday - golden globes 2011

DYING at all the beautiful pink tones and sequins I saw last night.  I literally was not going to miss one single look, so during the red carpet pre-show, I was on the internet, downloading twitpics from my phone and stationed in front of my television to make sure that I was able to see all the hits (and misses) from the 2011 Golden Globes.

My favorites:
{Anne Hathaway.  Wowza!  This was by far my fave look of the night.  I love the sequins and pale pink color.  Also, it was confirmed via Twitter that Rachel Zoe styled her.  I die.}

{Catherine Zeta-Jones in Monique Lhuillier.  LOVE the skirt and emerald green color.}
{Carrie Underwood in this fab, sequined gown.  I think that she can do no wrong fashion wise.}

{My new fave actress, Emma Stone,  I loved this peach backless gown, and can't wait to see her in the upcoming movie The Help.}

{LOVED this bubblegum pink gown worn by Lea Michelle.  The ruffles really make the dress stand out to me.  I am not crazy about her hair though... I think it would have looked good swept completely back.}

{What can I say?  This dress is gorgeous and I just can't get enough of Sofia Vergara.  If you don't watch Modern Family, go and rent the first season ASAP.}

{Now I know this dress was loved by some and hated by others.  I really love it.  As you can tell, I love the pink trend, and I think that Natalie Portman, who is preggers, looks gorgeous!  I am a big fan of this simple, yet elegant gown.}

{OMSequins.  LOVE this gown, and it totally fits Amber Riley's diva character Mercedes.}

{January Jones.  Another wowza, my life partner really liked this look as well, I wonder why?!?  I love the red color, and think that her hair and makeup is styled beautifully with that dress.  Hey, if I had her body I would rock that dress too.}

{Just because I love GLEE, I wanted to say that all the women looked FAB last night.}

Now, let's take a look at a few looks that made me think, "Who the heck is your sylist?"

{Why, Heidi, Why?  You are a supermodel, clothes are given to you.  This looks like a dress someone who was eliminated the first week of Project Runway created.}

{Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Blah, why was she eve there and why is she still famous?}

{Michelle Williams - just because you are supposedly dating Ryan Gosling does NOT mean you can wear sunflowers to the Globes.  Seriously, this looks like a dress I wore in 7th grade from Gap Kids.}

So, do you agree with my fashion picks?  Let me know if I left any of your favorites out, or if you disagree with my top pick choices. 
{photos via yahoo, just jared, glee's facebook page}

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