18 January 2011


Britney is back.  Thank goodness.  I am sure that you have all heard her new song, and though the title is a little cheesy, I am loving the beat and have already added it to my iPod.  However...

Girlfrienddddd, what are you thinking?  Get to the salon fast and fix that hair.  I guess it is true, no matter how rich and famous you are, you can really never take the south {redneck in this situation} out of the girl.

On to another one of my fave celebs, Rachel McAdams.  Loved her in Mean Girls and the Notebook, but honestly, why did she walk out of the house looking like this?  She should have practiced her "side" shot at home.

Then I got to thinking, what if paparazzi followed me around everyday?  One, I would love it, but two they would catch me doing the craziest things - like wearing my yoga pants, uggs, headbanded ponytail look while sipping on a venti iced latte as I run  into Target.  Yuck, don't want that all over People.com

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