19 January 2011


Though I am Team Taylor Swift all the way, I just had to post this picture of Camilla Belle.

Why you may ask?
1. Her skin is flawless.  Yes, it may be airbrushed, but I need her make-up artist to call me ASAP and tell me which make-up products she is using.  I dream of the day when I can get my make-up professionally done for all of my public appearances.  However, I am sure she is using R+F skincare...
2. The reason I am Team Taylor is because "allegedly" Camilla stole Taylor's main squeeze at the time, Joe Jonas.  Good thing it happened, because the song about Camilla is my fave track on Taylor's new album.

I am loving this Preen dress on Diane Kruger... and it will only set you back a cool $1,500.  The color is great for spring, and I am sooo ready to pull out all my spring wear.  Winter, I am so.over.you.

{photos via the vogue diaries}

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