04 January 2011

It's here - the newly redesigned fab life.

As you can see, the old ways, molliemorganrobinson.blogspot.com is now:

faux fur and sequins.blogspot.com

You may be wondering where I got the name for my new (old) (updated) (madeover) (botoxed) blog.

Two of my favorite clothing items are faux fur and sequins.  Whenever I go into a store and there are items with either of these two materials I instantly run to the rack, grab them, and make a purchase.  The reason my fur is faux is because I am 25, and really don't need the real thing.  In about 50 years though, I will sport a long fur coat only when going to church, the beauty parlor, and wine dates with my friends.  (Sorry Peta)

And I believe that sequins will never go out of style and that you can never have too much of them in your wardrobe.  I would sleep in sequined pajamas if I found the right set.  If you find one, send me the deets.

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