30 November 2010

I believe that my blog is having an identity crisis.

First off, it has been neglected and abused.  Actually, just neglected, but that is in part to my lack of attention.

Second, it is totally upset since my name has changed.  Yes, loyal fans, my last name has changed and I got hitched.  It was a magical day full of sunshine, champagne, sequins and love. 

Thus, I need to figure out pronto how to also change my blog from a "Robinson" to a "Bailey" - any ideas blogosphere?  I may need to create a new URL, which I guess would give me a fresh start and encourage me to write more.

Anyways, I hope that you all had a fab Thanksgiving.  I ate too much and am re-reading Harry Potter 7.  It.is.life.changing.  I saw the movie with my life partner (this is how I am going to refer to my new husband, I will not be using the term hubby or hubba, gross) and decided that I must read this wonderful piece of literature again to remind myself of all the wonderful things that were left out of the movie.  Now, don't get me wrong, I loved the movie - but there are so many details in the books that just make them that much better.  Ok, ok, I will stop before I sound like a total nerd.

In other news - T. Swift is dating Jake Gyllenhaal.  Um, what?!?!  Now, I never would have picked these two to get together, but I secretly like it.  They were seen in NYC and Nashville over the holidays - what jetsetters.  I bet she has already written two songs about them - one about how they fall in love and have babies and the other if he breaks her heart and then starts dating Kate Hudson.  Jake must have some fetish for TN girls - he has been linked to both Reese and T.Swift, both from the Nashville area.

Wow, it feels great to write about celebrities.  My life partner does not share my same obsession with them, so it is great to share with all my loyal readers.  Now, I am going to drink my overpriced latte and do a little online shopping, what do you think about these items below?

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  1. I agree with you Mollie, the words "hubby", "hubs", or "hubba" completely gross me out. I will not be using those terms either. I call Kris my live-in lover, I think I will continue that once we're married, as well.


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