06 January 2011

As we are just six days into 2011, I have been hearing all about resolutions.  So I first decided to set some:
- Eat Healthier {this was shattered when we still had brownies leftover from Christmas, rotel dip, and hot chocolate in our home}

- Drink less Caffeine {this was shattered when I increased my regular one cup to two or three cups a day of coffee, followed by a DC around 2 p.m.}

- Limit my hits to People.com and Perez Hilton to once a day {OMG what was I thinking, they are always updating}
- Not buy everything I see in a store with sequins attached to it {But this Loft shirt was featured in Real Simple and on sale}

Since it is already the 6th of the month, and all of these resolutions have been broken, I have decided to rather set goals for myself for 2011. 
- Run a half-marathon.  Ok, Ok, I know, this is a little OOC for me.  And I am still debating it, since yesterday I ran three miles and almost fell off the treadmill.  But, I have friends that tell me I can do it, so I am going to try and push myself.  Will keep you updated...
- Keep in touch: write more hand-written notes, email more, say hello on Facebook.  If you are an older reader, you know I love personalized stationary and the value of snail mail.

- Just listen more.  I talk way too much, and probably won't ever stop that.  BUT, I can listen more, even if it is listening to Ryan Seacrest on E! News.

- Cook more.  Actually, this is more OOC than saying I want to run a half marathon. 

1 comment:

  1. i'm thinking mr. bailey would like the last goal... if you can, in fact, cook


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