07 January 2011


As I was surfing around the web the other day, I stumbled upon an amazing blog, The Man Repeller.  The author takes high fashion looks that are not attractive to men, thus known as "man repellers".

Scrolling through the blog, I was almost on the floor because I was laughing so hard at the writer's antics in finding man repelling objects in her closet.  However, my laughter faded when I looked back at some of my older fashion choices.

OMG, I have been a repeat "man repeller" offender.  After looking at ridiculous fashions, I always thought I could pull off anything, even if it did include crazy prints, leggings as pants, or multi-colored headbands.  My life partner even tells a story about one of our first outings.  He recalls that I was wearing this crazy pink 80's inspired outfit.  Of course, I deny it as he was listing items that I have never had in my wardrobe.  But after looking at this website, I probably was trying to be "hip" for a lunch meeting, but in fact, was really "man repelling".

Stay tuned as I try on some "man repelling" items in my closet today and see what the males in my life think of these fashion choices.

And I leave you with two choices that are reflected by my blog title, from my favorite fashion line Tibi.  I can't wait till my new skin care business becomes lucrative and I can buy each piece, even if they are considered "man repellers".

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