01 February 2011


One thing that I always must have in bed with me each night to help ease me into beauty sleep is...

{no, not my life partner}

... my leopard print Snuggie.

So when I saw this post via Bobbi Thomas, my heart stopped for a minute and I went to blanket heaven.  Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you...

THE COUCH DRESS.  And it was sold for a mere $350.  This is my kind of outfit to wear while lounging on the couch while watching all my besties on Glee.  Another perk: while wearing it, you can change the decor of your room instantly, since the "dress" covers the entire piece of furniture. 

Would you rock the couch dress?  I am currently looking for a seamstress to make me a couture version I can wear while watching all my fave celebs rocking their couture gowns at the Oscars.

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