07 February 2011


The Super Bowl to me is really the only other day besides Thanksgiving where you can pig out and no one really cares.  Oh, and the time for an amazing halftime performance. 

After watching the halftime show last night, I was shocked when I got on my twitter and saw so many people bashing the performance.  I thought, did I really just watch the same performance as my followers?  I loved it, and the reasons are listed below:
1. The outfits.  The dancers looked awesome in the bodysuits with Christmas tree looking lights attached.  Plus, the BEP's rocked it in the light up vests and pants.  Where can I get Fergie's sequined top that had the amazing shoulder pads? {oh and while we are talking about it, the workout plan to get legs that look like her?}

2. The mix of songs.  I love all of the BEP's hits, so I was grooving along the entire performance.
3. Surprise performance from no other than, U-S-H-E-R R-A-Y-M-O-N-D {baby tell me what you want to do...}
Check it out here, and let me know what you thought.

So after watching last night's halftime show a few times again this morning, I still have to state that Super Bowl 35 is by far my favorite halftime performance.  Check that one out here:

Why is this video so good and so my favorite?
1. N*Sync in their prime.  I went to three different N*Sync shows and this short performance, one, helped me relive each show and two, helped me remember how much I loved the show "Making The Video" on MTV.  Remember when they showed you the behind the scene takes from both "Bye, Bye, Bye" & "It's Gonna Be Me"?  I sure do, and still have them both on VHS at my parent's house.
2. Britney in her prime.  Way before she shaved her head and married K-Fed.  {I am so excited for her comeback though...}
3. Nelly running out.  Country Grammar still is one of my fave songs.
4. Britney and JT were dating during this performance.  Is it too much for a former teeny bopper to ask that they rendezvous and fall back in love?

5. Oh, and Aerosmith was so hot then too. 

Here's hoping to getting everyone from this performance back together for next year's halftime extravaganza.

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