09 July 2010

Around the World in 90 Days

My little monsters... I am channeling my inner Lady Gaga today after her Today Show performance.  Can't get her new song out of my head.  Now back to the beginning, My little monsters... I have been out and about and have not been able to write.  But I do love all of my followers and promise to be better about updating.

You wonder - what have I been up to?  Everything fabulous of course...

1. Went to Forks to visit the hometown of Bella, Edward and Jacob.  If you don't know what I am talking about skip to number 2.  The Eclipse movie has been my favorite so far, and I am still waiting to be asked to join the Cullen clan.  I also have a new obsession with Taylor Lautner... he is 18, right?

2. Being Pink Lady Mollie.  If you must know, I am entering into holy matrimony very soon.  Gifts are apperciated, contact my assistant for a delivery address.  And let me tell you...wedding planning is a blast but also includes a lot of hair pulling.  Somedays I wish we were eloping on a Greek Island, but then everyone knows I love being the center of attention, so how can I turn down a day when it is truly all about me?

3. Getting totally fit with my personal trainer.  Actually that is a little bit of an exaggeration.  Yes, I have a trainer, but no I am not totally fit.  During my analysis, she quickly told me that I have no upper arm strength and that is the main thing to work on.  She came to this conclusion after I could only do 2 real push-ups.  It was so great to learn after my first session that I had to pay someone to really work me out. (that should be in sarcasm font)  Guess that my 25 minutes on the elliptical is not a true cardio blaster.

4. Stalking Justin Bieber.  I.can't.get.enough.  LOVE this video.

I am also working on a new layout to the blog, so let me know what you like and what you don't.  I also am working on a new angle... of course  I love telling everyone about my fab life and celeb obsessions, but I may add some new things to the blog recipe. 

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