29 July 2010

Finally, two new seasons will hit the airwaves tonight.  GTL and PR are back people.  So now I can actually watch the shows I really like, instead of having to watch repeats of Law and Order (which I still love... but once I get half way through an episode, I remember that I have seen it before and then automatically know the ending).  So...without further ado... the two shows I will be watching at 9 and 10 tonight are:

Project Runway.  Make it work.  Can't wait to see Heidi and Tim pick a new fashion designer in one of the best cities in the world. 

And then, a guilty pleasure - Jersey Shore.  While I don't endorse some of their crazy behaviors, I am still in awe week after week that Snooki is a real person.  Thanks goodness I was born in the south. 

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