26 July 2010

Help!  I need someone to help me design a look that is "unique" to my blog... so I don't have to keep using the google templates... any ideas anyone?  I am still playing around with my looks.  Make comments on what you like and what you don't like.

I also think that I am going to post smaller blogs, more frequently - what do you think?  I am copying a few blogs that I frequently visit on the world wide web - because I love their format.

And a preview of what is to come... Miss Alicia Dean, guest blogger on Vegas is in the works writing a great piece about her experience at a Lady Gaga concert.  Hold your breath in anticipation, this will be a good one.

And, please notice the bottom of each post - you can now gmail, blog, tweet, facebook my posts.  So, now everyone can hear about how fab you are for reading this fab blog!

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