28 July 2010

Peace, Love, and Dancing - GAGA

Now, it is time for the promised guest blog... Lady Gaga coverage from Miss Alicia Dean.  I am so jeal that she was able to experience Gaga in person.  This post def makes me want to go to an upcoming show... she is coming to Atlanta in April, who wants to come with?

"Hello MMR Viewers!  I'm back again to report my exciting travels of the lifestyles of the not so rich and famous.  I am fortunate enough to be able to tell you about my one-time-only experience at the Monster Ball.  Yes, I attended Lady Gaga's out of this world show a couple of weeks ago.

Back in April when tickets first went on sale, the closest place she was performing near me was St. Louis.  My thought process was, "Well, St. Louis is fun, only about 4 hours away, and who knows if I will ever get this opportunity again...so why not?"  So I convinced four of my friends to come and we have more fun than ever expected.  

I was a little shocked to find tons of protesters outside of the area hours before her show began.  Gaga even tweeted her thoughts, and though that was an interesting start to the evening, she wasn't going to let anyone bring her down.  The fabulous Gaga opened with "Just Dance", which was a perfect way to get the crowd going.  I don't think I stopped dancing the entire concert.  And as her reputation follows her, she had multiple costume changes that were more than impressive.  My favorite costume was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  It looked like the ice queen meets Gaga in her own, quirky way.  At one point, before she sang "Telephone", she sat down on a barstool in the middle of the stage and started talking about her fans and how she needed to connect with them... then you hear a phone dialing...she had called an audience member's cell phone and talked to her while on stage!  Obvi, this was planned out because there was a microphone connected to the girl in the audience, but still a very cool and unique way to open the appropriate song.  She of course brought out all of her favorites, including "Speechless", "Monster", and "Teeth" and performed "Bad Romance" as her encore.

My friend Rebekah and I wore the same dress, covered in multi-colored sequins, which we felt was completely appropriate for the Monster Ball.  I can only imagine where I will be allowed to wear this dress again.  I will say that atmosphere of the show was something I've never experienced before.  No one was judging you and everyone was on the same page; everyone just wanted to have a good time and dance like no one was watching.

That is what Lady Gag brings to the world: Peace, Love and Dancing."

Wow!  Thanks Miss Dean, what a show.  And I will make a note that I own the same sequined dress, and I think you can rock that thing whenever you want... just think, Gaga would.

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