14 July 2010

Goodbye to The Hills and Something the Cullen's Won't Like

Last night an era ended.  The last episode of The Hills aired on MTV. 

Though I will admit I really have not watched this scripted show since LC left, I did enjoy catching up on all my favorite memories this past weekend with MTV chose to show each and every episode.  I remember when Laguna Beach aired, LC, Lo, Stephen all graduated high school the same year as me, so basically I knew exactly what they were going through and just knew that we would be friends if our paths ever crossed.  So last night I was a little let down as the seemingly boring finale aired.  That was until the last few minutes - and the last shot that you thought was taking place outside actually cut to a studio.  GASP!  It was all fake!  I knew it was scripted, but thought the drama was real.  So my mind got to thinking, are Heidi and LC friends?  Does Lo like being in Kristin's presence?  So many unanswered questions!  I am going to have to journey to The Hills, find Audrina, and get the scoop.  Once this happens I will immediatley report it to you my little monsters.

If you missed the last few minutes - check it out on Perez Hilton.

As my loyal followers know, I am of the pale skin race.  So, when I heard about spray tans back in high school, I thought these were the next best thing since Diet Coke.  I started getting them a few times in high school, just to give me a natural glow and a little color.  One day when I am super rich and still fabulous, I am going to hire someone to come to my house once a week and spray me.  Since I am just fabulous now, I have to find creative ways to get my tan on during the summer.  I just discovered Jergen's Natural Glow Moisturizing Foam.  (No, not the lotion, I was never a fan and believe me I have tried almost every sunless tanning product on the market, from Sephora to Lindsay Lohan's spray.)  The foam is so easy to use, has a light scent and dries so fast.  I put some on this morning and am enjoying a nice glow.  So, run, don't walk, to the nearest Target and pick some up.  Though I will have to say, the Cullen's won't like that I am using this product.  But let's face the truth: Even when I use the foam or get spray tanned, I am still paler than about 97% of the US population.

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