31 March 2010


It arrived in my inbox yesterday...
The Glee audition e-mail.

I started to dance up and down and immediately went on to read the email in its entirety three and a half times.  Now, I must prepare my audition video and send it in.  O.M.Glee.  I, of course, will keep you all updated.

I also heard from GG that Taylor Swift has been seen with two guys -- on a lunch date again with Taylor Lautner (yay!) and out with Cory Monteith (Finn from Glee).  Either way, she wins.  I am personally calling for Team Jacob just because I love the name T-Squared.

And now I must end this post briefly... Anthony, my fave southern designer on PR, was recently kicked off.  I knew that he was not going to make it to Bryant Park, but just loved his comments and a lot of his work.  I I believe that he could design a dress for me, and then we could go out and eat some fried chicken together.  I will def be looking for his clothing line.

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  1. my friend mason went to eat at Chipotle last night. He was in line with one of his friends and they were commenting on the inappropriate skirt length of the girl in front of them. They ended up sitting next to the girl (who was with some guy) outside and then people started walking up & asking for her autograph. They then saw it was Taylor Swift. Apparently she has a new haircut with short bangs. Just wanted you to be in the know! good luck with Glee


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