10 March 2010

Spring & Love Story

Where is spring?  I am so tired of wearing coats and scarves everywhere, the snow dustings and my pale skin.  Wait, scratch the last one... I'm always pale and now I know that my pale skin is def in because of the Cullen (the vampire family if you are not in the know) craze happening in America.  But seriously, I am so ready for skirts, sandals and sitting on restaurant patios.

Well - something big happened in my life this weekend - just as Taylor Swift sang in her hit Love Story, I had my romeo get down on one knee and I of course said YES!  Thanks to all my loyal readers for your love.  We are very excited!  If you want deets, just call me or wait for our knot.com page.  Then you can stalk all you want. 

I am not going to lie, I only watched some of the Oscars this year because we were partying it up with good friends and champagne to celebrate our big news.  However, I was LOVING Cameron Diaz.  She was def my pick for best dressed.  Oh, and Sandra Bullock - you go girl for Briarcrest. 

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