26 March 2010

Two Thoughts on a Friday

So it is almost the beginning of April, and I am still wearing boots.  This def makes the point of my new pedi almost as obsolete as a tape player.  I am ready for the rain to go away and for the sun to come out and shine down on us.  A few extra degrees wouldn't hurt either.

I am excited today for two reasons: 
1. I am going to eat lunch with a good friend I have not seen in a long time - don't you just love catching up?  I think it could be a hobby of mine.  I love keeping in touch with my friends, and even when it has been several months, we can pick up right where left out.  And another amazing thing about this lunch... we are going to my fave sush place - Nam.  (Translation: Favorite sushi place - Nama)

2. I am going to get my hair trimmed.  You may think this is ridic, but I really don't care.  I love going to Salon Visage because they do such a fab job and I feel like a celeb whenever I am there.  I have recently switched to the Market Square location, and love it because it is more laid back and my stylists are the bomb.

Oh yes - and the Vols are playing in the Sweet 16.
MGB tells me that I will have to start liking basketball a lot more once we are married.  I mean, I understand that marriage is about compromise... but I just can't see him starting to watch Project Runway.  Maybe with time, it's just so amazing.

Speaking of Project Runway, I missed last night's episode, so will be blogging about that at a later date.  Please don't tell me who gets kicked off.  I also think that Maya and Mila look exactly alike...do you agree?  One of them has got to go soon.  And Grey's Anatomy was a little less than thrilling last night.  Yes, yes, I still watch Grey's and I think it is still very good.  But I am just tired of everyone dating McSteamy - I mean he is good looking, but that story line is over played.

(In other personal news - my words with friends is back and running.  I even had to go to the Apple Store for help, so hit me up if you like to play.)

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