23 March 2010

Elevators and Free Swag

Well, my first Pink Lady post per my engagement is up - check it out.  (Side note, it is rather cheesy, but very fun.)

I have come to the realization that there are two types of etiquette that need to be dealt with - elevator and gym.  The other day I was patiently waiting to pump some iron (actually just about ten pounds, but that is more than zero) while Mr. Macho was sitting on the same machine I needed to use just chatting away on his cell phone about the kegger he was going to that night.  Um excuse me... get off the machine if you are not using it.  After he took ANOTHER phone call, he finally got up and I quickly swooped in to get the machine.  I carefully watched Mr. Macho go to another machine (thankfully, it was one that has too many bells and whistles for me) and he proceeded to stay on the cell phone.  Ridic.  And elevators... in my new swanky office building I have the privilege of riding elevators each and every day.  Don't you just hate when someone gets on before you get off?  I got side swiped by a foreign exchange student yesterday who was wearing "a not so comfortable to the skin" fabric.  If only I had my own elevator that goes directly to my office, just like Serena has one to her penthouse in GG.

So I tried to get into Dancing with the Stars last night, and just could not do it.  I know, tons of celebs dancing in sequins... it does seem as if I would love this show.  Did you have any favorites from last night?  I do like Niecy Nash from Clean House though... I am pulling for her to win it all.

And today I am so excited because UT is giving away FREE food - and who doesn't love free swag?  If you are in Knoxville, you def have to check out these deals:
- Today: Free Pizza Hut Breadsticks (Bomb - lived on these freshmen year in Humes Hall)
-Tomorrow: Free Smoothies at the gym
- Thursday: Free Pancakes... one of my fave foods.  Can't wait to go over to IHOP for these. 
If you would like to join me, just send me a note and we can go and get free swag together.

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