15 March 2010

Fashion Forward

Lately I have not been sleeping well.  I don't know if it's the new added excitement in my life or that I have been drinking more caffeine closer to bed time, but it (meaning sleep) is just not working for me.  A fab person always needs their beauty sleep (that goes for you guys as well), so tonight I am going to try some hot tea (decaf, of course) before bed.  But one good thing about my irregular sleep patterns is that I have time to think about upcoming blog posts.  So this morning around 3:30 am I decided to dedicate a post to fashion, both for males and females.

The other night I went to dinner with some friends and one of my guy friends was sporting an awesome cardigan.  I love this look on guys - it adds a little dressiness to a typical button down and jeans look.  This look comes from Banana Republic, but you can always find a more economical version at Old Navy, Target or even TJ Maxx. 

PLEASE remember... NEVER wear skinny jeans unless you are a Jonas Brother.  Most southern girls are not into a guy who has tighter jeans on than she does.  And if she is, chances are she is a transplant who was raised north of the Mason Dixon line.

For girls... I am loving big, chunky watches.  Michael Kors has some great new options out there -- this is one of my favorites:

You can get these anywhere as well.  Be sure to just wear this on one arm, and limit your other arm to one bracelet.

These looks are perfect for a night out on the town or a fun Sunday Brunch at Gourmet Market.  If you go to brunch, you MUST check out the chocolate chip pancakes.  If you have any sleep remedies to share, please let me know ASAP.  Also, if you need any fashion advice, leave word with my assistant and I will back to you ASAP.


  1. what do you suggest for those of us who can't afford a michael kors watch?! =)

  2. Linnae - Target has some cute options and TJ Maxx had some as well. That is where I will be getting mine as well! I can dream about the MK one...


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