19 March 2010

Letter to the Edtior and Oscar Curse

Basically, I am famous. Want to know why? No, it's not because I have a blog. Well that is part of it... but I am a published author. Now, I am going a little over the top here because I was just published in The Daily Beacon, BUT it is a great honor and if you are on UT's campus, you must check it out. It's a letter to the editor. If you don't have the privilege of living in God's country, then check it out here.

I also want to update all of you that I will be chronicling my engagement over on The Pink Book Blog. My boss wants brides across the country to relate to my story, so if you love weddings, stories or just me, be sure to follow my stories. I will keep the links updated on this blog as well.

So, I was perusing my twitter feed the other day and noticed a very interesting tweet by a friend - he was talking about an article he found that said people who engage in deeper conversation compared to small talk are actually happier and healthier. I got to thinking about that - and I completely agree. How many people do you have small talk with on a daily basis? I mean, it's necessary if it's with that person you ride the elevator with every morning. But what if you asked them out of the blue a question to get to know them more? It will probably make their day brighter, and you have found a new network within the office and also a potential friend.

Did you know that Dunkin Donuts is giving away free coffee on Mondays for the rest of this month? You must go check it out now...or actually on Monday. I got mine this past week and also had to get a caffeine fix for today. Fridays are so cruel, you just want to relax, take a long weekend, and not answer your e-mail. But instead you trudge to work and make it rain... at least I have to have a coffee to make this work.

Has anyone seen Brad and Angie lately? I was so disappointed that they were not at the Oscars. They probably were in a third world country adopting another child and then flying off on a private jet drinking champagne. Oh the life.

And on another note... Jesse James is an idiot. Poor Sandra Bullock has fallen under the Oscar curse. What is the Oscar curse you may say? If you are asking this then you really don't know anything about celebs, but I will enlighten you anyways. It is the curse that happen to these beautiful actresses who win the Oscar for Best (Supporting) Actress, and then their personal lives start to fall apart. Look at Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Hilary Swank. These women are bigger than life, and then their husbands/boyfriends pull a Tiger Woods. I am pulling for you Sandra!

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