06 November 2008

Taylor Swift is my new girl crush and Insider News from Nashville

Well, like I mentioned in my last post - we all have awoken to a new President. Just in case you have been under a rock or not on facebook the past few days, Barack Obama was chosen to be our country's next leader. Now, I don't want to get all political and such because I have more knowledge on a plethora of other topics (entertaining, happy hours, celebs, fashion) but I am very excited for Obama and to see how he pulls through the change and hope for our country. However, I am secretly (well I guess it's not a secret now) obsessed with his family. Michelle, I will def babysit for free - call me girl.
So, now on to other business. Taylor Swift. I have talked about her a few times before, but I am now realzing the true potential of this teen star. She is incredibly talented - she writes her own music/lyrics! She has a wonderful voice and on top of that, has a great sense of style. I wish my hair looked like hers. Well anyways, I just wanted to say that her new album comes out this coming Tuesday, and you bet that I am going to buy it on itunes. I have already gotten the first three singles (she released one each week prior to the new album, Fearless) and am in love. I am always rocking them out in the car on the way to work. Another reason I like, we hail from the same state. It makes my home state and Alma Mater that much better. I think the State Tourism Department should publish a picture of Taylor and I in their next pulication. So, if you think that you are "too old" for Taylor - get over it. Her lyrics are for everyone and I have a feeling that she is going to be around for a long time. I am hoping and praying that she will not go through a hot mess phase. I would much rather see Miley do that than Taylor - more fun to watch. And though Taylor has just experienced a break up with the middle Jonas brother (really Joe, what were you thinking?) I think that she has handled it beautifully in the public spotlight. And we all know it will turn into some great new songs.

A restaurant that I have discovered a few months ago is Pei Wei. And yes, yes I know it is a chain, but I had never been there. I highly reccomend it, everything is great. And they give you such great portions, it is a bang for your buck. Def try the Thai Blazing Noodles the next time you drop in. And their pick up service is always reliable, I of course have my neighborhood Pei Wei in my personal contacts. Another bang for your buck is the big bottles of wine. Janna and I always have one or two in our penthouse, and they last forever. It is very smart to save during the tough economic times. And believe me, the big bottles of wine are much classier and more fab than Natty Light.

And now - I have some news that you will not find anywhere else because I have connections with the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Yes, yes, when you are a famous blogger you know the ins and outs of lots of places and have VIP everywhere. This next tidbit is straight from the mouths of Mr. Ross Smith and Ms. Courtney Warden who serve as the Co-Director's of Any Bomb Event at the Hall of Fame. Here is a true quote from both Ross and Courtney after they eyewitnessed a taping for "Gone Country 3" - a hit show for CMT.

"As we were making one of our many daily strolls around the museum (where we pilfered free bottles of wine from the kitchen!), we saw none other than a group of has-been celebs roaming about the confines of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. There in the mix was none other than the cousin It look-alike George Clinton who was flanked by the not so famous Justin Guarini of American Idol and star of one of the most influential films of our time "From Justin to Kelly. These D-listers were learing about the country genre in the hopes of writing the next big country hit. So, as you look forward to the new year (and make plans to celebrate in Memphis with the rest of us), watch out for the next big crossover single to hit the shelves and look for us in the background of next season's Gone Country 3!"

Thanks Ross and Courtney for the tip - you have made readers happy. Please get in contact with either of them to host your next event, they will not let you down. They are both avid Tennessee fans like myself, which makes them VIP. Mention you saw this in my blog and get 10% off your next rental.

As you can tell - the country stars are everywhere these days. That is because the CMA's are coming up. I am pulling for my girl Taylor, Lady Antebellum, and of course Keith Urban. I think that I may move to Nashville just so I can see Keith and Nicole get their daily joe at Starbucks in Green Hills.

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