04 November 2008

Election Day= Free Stuff, and a new President

We all know that come tomorrow morning, our great country will have a newly elected leader. But today, there are also some perks for all of the little people. Some of our nations most loved companies are giving away freebies. And, who doesn't love a freebie? Freebies are totally fab - so check these election day freebies, believe me, I have already gotten my Starbucks!

1. Free tall cup of coffee from Starbucks.

2. Free scoop from Ben and Jerry's.

3. Free Krispy Kreme donut.

And you can get all of these just by saying that you voted. Yet, another reason to go and express your opinion! I wonder if the candidates have tried these out - I am sure that Mr. Obama would receive a free grande triple shot latte if he walked into the Starbucks.

Another thing that interests me is that lack of people that are voting. My work is a polling location, and while this morning provided a steady stream of voters, it is now not busy at all. I am hoping the majority of people have expressed their opinions through early voting, aka, the VIP way.

Well, Heidi Montag was fired on The Hills last night and Audrina moved out - what drama! This show is still so amazing to me, because I don't live like they do and don't have the drama in my life. That is the sole reason I turn to MTV every Monday at 9 p.m. I am still a huge fan of Lo, and LC has gotten better this season. I am just hoping that Heidi and LC can rekindle the old flame of thier friendship - it seemed as if it was going to happen a few episodes ago. However, I do not feel bad for Heidi losing her job. I still can't believe she is famous and I am not. I think if they did a show about my life in Memphis, they could call it "The Bluff".

Gossip Girl was outstanding, too. I think that Jenny Humphrey is such a brat though - and hope that she has to work harder for her clothing line. And of course, my fave couple looks on the border of getting back together. I am of course, talking about Chuck and Blair. And the new guy Serena is trying date needs to go away, I don't understand his purpose of the show. Next Monday looks scandalous as Jenny is trying to live on her own and Dan's tell all book may be printed...

So, have you done anything cultural lately? I do encourage you to go out and get cultured. Though I work at a place filled with culture, I am going to expand my horizons this week. On the to do list are visit the National Ornamental Metal Museum, check out the Zoo, and continue reading the best-seller Twilight. Yes, the last may not be that cultured, but this book is amazing. I will def blog about it later.

On the next posting, we will have a new leader - how refreshing! I hope that you all go out and get some free Starbucks today, the Thanksgiving blend is bomb.

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