09 November 2008

Celeb Sunday - We didn't start the fire

Last week, I had the privilege of being a VIP at a karaoke session. I know, I get these requests all the time, but I really had a good feeling about this place. Well, I hit the jackpot. It was a more of a Mom and Pop pizza place, but the karaoke stars were professional, all the way from Desoto County. So, my friends and I decided to show off our skills that were of course enhanced by $2 beers. The highlight of the night was when Mary decided to sing the classic Billy Joel hit, We Didn't Start the Fire. So, next time you want a good laugh, come check us out at Lou's Pizza in Memphis, the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. You can even become your own American Idol.

Well, now it is time for some real celeb gossip -
  • Kate Winslet, one of my favorite actresses ever, is on the cover looking so glam on this month's Vanity Fair. You should check it out - great pictures and a better story. There were some rumors that she was airbrushed in these photos - which she quickly shot down as being false. For the haters out there, I am sure you are just jealous.
  • Brad and Angie have resurfaced in the public eye. Despite untrue rumors that they were in a fight, Brad is going to be appearing on Oprah this week and Angie has said that the twins are doing fabulous. She has said that their personalities are really coming out, how wonderful. I can't wait to see what they do for their first birthday party - I know it will be VIP and glam.
Tomorrow, there will be a guest column from Janna. Today, as we were out shopping and bumping the new T.I. cd, we came to a realization that his new hit "Whatever You Like" is a great theme to appy to life. Janna said it perfectly by proclaiming "Some people dream about their wedding. I dream about walking into Marc Jacobs and someone saying 'Baby, you can have whatever you like'." Just get ready - there will be more tomorrow. My dreams are very much the same thing, but I would love to add a BMW dealership into the mix.

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