11 November 2008

Chuck Bass, LA to NYC, and Pros/Cons of Working Women

As you can tell, I have developed a slight obsession with Chuck Bass - the womanizer on the hit Gossip Girl. (You should know this by now because one, you read my blog, and two, I know you watch the show too - even if you are a guy and watch it secretly.) Well last night, we saw a glimpse of the softer side of this mysterious man. And though he is a fictional character, he is one of my all time favorites, right up there with Edward Cullen and Rebecca Bloomwood. And though he lives in the Upper East Side and is always riding with his driver in a limo, I wish that sometimes he would cruise the streets of NYC in the same black Range Rover that Ryan Atwood drove around California. We also saw Blair show a bit, even if it was tiny, a bit of compassion for her mother's new love. She is def my fave, even when she is the most terrible person.

Well, our best friends from L.A. were once again back in our lives and on our television screens last night. Yes, the Hills came back for another thrilling episode. However, I liked last night because they were on separate coasts, giving us a taste of Whitney's new show that will take place in New York. I also love how Whitney and Lauren were supposed to be leaving the airport at six the next morning, but stayed out all night drinking red wine and vodka. How fab they looked, but I am sure the plane ride was not fab - Excuse me, can we have two barf bags? Well we all really know that they flight probably left at 2 that afternoon.

Now, on to something more fab - real life. I have been doing some thinking lately about the pros and cons of my job and working. Janna helped me form these ideas, and we know will both share our opinions on working and on jobs. Here are the pros/cons of working at a garden:
  • The beautiful setting - my office is nestled in 96 acres of beautiful wildlife smack dab in the middle of Memphis. I can get up and walk outside at any point of the day and take in the beauty of nature.
  • Working at the garden is such a southern thing to do - which I think is just fab because I love being southern.
  • I have unlimited access to all kinds of flowers, knowledge of plants, beautiful arrangements to decorate my penthouse.
  • Two hour lunches, paychecks, corner office.
  • Working fun events, such as art openings, wine tastings, festivals, design extravaganzas.
  • Casual everyday of the week.
  • Tomato Soup from the cafe at the garden.
  • My corner office is located in yes a corner, but between other offices.
  • I don't know a thing about gardening, and the best information I can give about the various flowers are oh yes, the pink ones are in bloom, the yellow ones, not so much.
  • If I want to look nice one day, everyone is like "Where are you going - a funeral?"
  • I am the youngest employee, so others do not share my love for abbrevs, late night dance parties, and celebs.
I do believe the main reason to stay is for the free wine, tomato soup and the ability to wear jeans any day I want.

Now, from the viewpoint of someone who works in a hospital setting. Janna reports by saying:
"Today I was sitting at work and trying to think of all the reasons why I should not get up from my desk and just walk out the door. I have measured the pros and cons of working in the hospital setting.


  • The number one pro is obviously that any given moment McDreamy could walk around the corner and profess his undying love for me. Then I could quit my job, drive a Range Rover, and have a super hot hubby.
  • The number two pro is that at any given moment a super hot Grey's resident could walk around the corner and profess his undying love for me. This is second to McDreamy because a resident is obviously not as fab as a doctor.
  • Fried Okra from the cafeteria
  • Internet connection at home is kinda crappy so I need a place to check facebook, gchat, enews, etc.
  • Money
  • I don't have to go to the doctor's office. If my throat hurts, I can walk across the hall stick my tongue out and say ahhhhh.
  • I have badges that I have to use to scan to get in to places; this is very VIP.
  • I have yet to see a Dr., resident, or even intern for that matter that even remotely looks like they could be part of the Grey's Anatomy cast.
  • There are some serious sketch balls that roam around the hospital. I may be scared if I was a patient.
  • All the other food from the cafeteria.
  • Germs.
  • The hospital is very large and confusing and I get lost a lot.
I think the number one pro is enough reason to stay seated at my desk."

Well, I hope that we have both enlightened you on what it is like to work at two very different environments. If you are still looking to go into work at a garden or a hospital - please get in contact with us. We would love to share more over a nice glass of Pinot Grigio.

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  1. i love living vicariously through the two of you....the vip life is definitely not happening in the silver school of social work...


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