03 November 2008

Changes and Makeover Monday

Well, the season is not the only thing changing right now in our world. The next time I see the majority of you, our great country will have a new President. Now, if you did not vote the VIP way like myself (early voting), then you better get to the polls tomorrow and express your opinions. Though I do love celebs, I believe it is sad when more young people vote for American Idol than the next leader of our country. So as my friend P. Diddy would say "Vote or Die".

Another change has occurred on Rocky Top. The legendary coach Fulmer has decided to step down at the end of the season. While the Vols have not had a stellar season, it makes me sad to see this era end. Coach F has done many things for the university, and always will carry the Volunteer Spirit with him. I can't believe all the people of little faith who are excited to see him leave - remember, he will always be the one who brought the national championship title home to Knoxville in 1998. I do wish I could have been a student during that time - what a thrill. However, I was just starting the most awkward years of my life then, middle school, and had to wait to become a true Volunteer. I am just glad that Fulmer was there during my four years. I will be in attendance of the Tennessee v. Vandy game and have full faith that Coach will pull us through to a win. After all, I was a good luck charm for the Duke Blue Devils a few weeks ago at the very same stadium.

The other day someone was asking me what the celeb update was. And shockingly enough, the celebs have been pretty quiet lately. I think that they are all starting to enjoy the holidays just like the rest of us, and are staying at home and being thankful for all their ritz and riches. However, I have been hooked on Entourage. I admit, I am not a full follower of the show, but have been watching this last season like crazy On Demand. Ari Gold is one of the funniest characters ever, and I sometimes secretly wish I worked for him.

Which brings me to the next point - DVR. Since moving to the penthouse, I have been missing something in my life this past month. And the missing piece was DVR. I know I have talked about how great this invention is in previous posts, but I do believe that once something is gone, you truly see it's real value. So, when I had the eternal dilemma of choosing between Grey's and The Office on Thursdays, I knew that it was time to call Comcast. Thank goodness it only took them a week and a half to show up after bringing a broken box, but now all is right in the world and I can now enjoy all my shows without the added stress.

Now onto the Makeover Monday section:
After discussing with some VIP, I have decided that Christmas/Holiday Cards are the thing to do this season. Why not send some extra love to your friends and family during the holidays? Everyone will love to see how hot you are looking and your new fab haircut. So, send out a little Christmas cheer - it will brighten even the Scrooge in your life during the craziness this season brings.

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  1. Okay, so the funny thing about your Entourage comment...

    I actually have worked for the real-life Arie (he spells it with an "e" on the end--just like you, Molls). Yep, it's true. I don't even watch the show, but his character is based on a real guy named Arie Emmanuel, married to a woman named Sarah, and I babysit for his kids--Noah, Ezra, and Leo. Google him!

    Oh, and Google Cindy Crawford's kids--Presley and Kaya...I babysit for them over the Thanksgiving holidays, too!


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