10 November 2008

Case of the Mondays and Guest Blogger

Just as another weekend goes by, a Monday hits us. It is always so much harder to get up when that alarm clock goes off at 7 a.m. at the start of the week. I usually press snooze a few more times than I should, and then am set in a tizzy while trying to get out the door looking fabulous for work. However, there are some things that do make Monday that much better - Gossip Girl, The Hills, looking at what your friends did over the weekend by the newly posted photos on Facebook, and of course, that extra cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee. And of course, when you leave work, you are just one day closer to the weekend. BOMB!

One thing that has increased lately is the use of the status feature on Facebook. I know, I know, I have been harsh about this in the past, but it seems as if they are becoming a part of the everyday use of facebook. I do use them, but not to tell every detail of my day. It makes me think, what will our kids be using to communicate through the internet? The other day, I learned that you can add an application on your iphone that lets you know where all your contacts with iphones are, and they can see where you are - exact location. I would one, never want to do this, because why would you want someone to know where you are at every second of the day? What if you are out buying your boo a Christmas present, but you told them you were just running to the corner drug store? The surprise would be ruined. Or what if your boo tells you he is out with the guys at the corner pub, but you see he is actually at Platinum Plus? That relationship is probably over. Though I do love the paparazzi, I also love relaxing in a seculded hut in a remote island when the daily pressure becomes too much.

So, now we have the highly anticpated blog from guest blogger Janna. She is very excited to be back, and here is what life revelation she came to while listening to T.I.'s smash hit, Whatever you Like.

"Recently I have become obsessed with the T.I. song "Whatever you Like". For weeks, I have been trying to figure out why I am in L.O.V.E. with this song. Then, while riding in the car with Mollie listening to this bomb jam, it hit me. This song is my life long dream realized. I turned to Mollie and said "Some people dream about their wedding. I dream about walking into Marc Jacobs and someone saying 'Baby, you can have whatever you like.'" This is completely true too. I don't think I have had a single dream in my entire life about my wedding, but I dream about Jimmy Choos, Bergdorf Goodman's, and hitting Jessica Biel in the face on a nightly basis. I'm sure you are now thinking, well who in the world does Janna want to say this to her? Well, obviously not T.I.; No offense T.I.( I'm sure you are out there somewhere reading this). I was thinking more along the lines of Chuck Bass. Yes, I know he is a fictional character, but can't a girl dream?"

Thanks Miss Tacker for the thought provoking post. I know it will all help us get through our Monday that much faster. I for one do agree that Chuck Bass would make my life if he said this quote too. He is one of my all time favorite fictional characters and am thrilled to see what is going to happen tonight when Dan tries to print the story of Chuck's true life.

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