04 February 2010

Trying to impress the Biggest Loser and more from Miss Dean on Vegas

Last night I was trying to create a Biggest Loser last workout scenario at my local gym.  Well, actually the TRECS (the gym at UT, I get a great rate for being an employee) but that really is not important here.  After running a million miles and pretending that Jillian was perched like a cat on my treadmill, I decided to do some weight machines.  Please note that I have really just started doing weight machines for my arms, I usually just do a few reps of free weights.  Well I decided to the do one when you lift your arms above your head, create a "U" shape, and push the weights to meet in front of you.  After doing a few reps on the lowest setting (which may I say is a great accomplishment) I decided to take it up a notch and put more weight on the machine.  After barely being able to push my arms together in front of me a couple of times, I decided to stop.  As I was still on the machine another gym goer (male, def an undergrad, way too buff) came up to me and asked if I needed help.  OMG, too embarrassing.  That is when I just laughed and threw my head back and said, "Oh no, I just don't have any arm strength", and ran, no sprinted, for the exit.  I know that Bob and Jillian would be proud of me for trying though.

Back to our guest blogger, Miss Alicia Dean.  She made it safe and sound back from Vegas with some amazing stories.  Now I def want to make the trek out there.  Who wants to join?  Since her post was just so amazing, I have decided to split it up, and post the first half today, and the second tomorrow.  Thanks Miss Dean for the great stories and pictures.

"Well, I made it.  Back in Memphis after only sleeping a total of 10 hours in 4 days and I already miss Vegas. Now I understand why people visit the Sin City so much – it’s completely addicting. And I don’t even gamble! There is just a electric feel to the town… or maybe that’s just the wattage coming from the Strip... who knows?

We arrive in Las Vegas, only to be greeted by our limo driver, accompanied by a bottle of champagne and single roses for the ladies. Fab. Next we check into our room, which was a nice suite (not like in the Hangover) but nice enough for us, drop our bags and head straight out into the life of Vegas.  We had lunch at Caesars Palace – the Cheesecake Factory to be exact – I know its nothing special, but we don’t have one in Memphis, ok? (Sidenote from Mollie - Cheesecake Factory is amazing, I would have eaten there too, Memphians love that place.) We decided to become tourists for a little while and walk around and see the sights, but were stopped by a happy hour sign at a little place called Rhumbar. The happy hour consisted of $4 Miller Lites and $5 Stoli drinks (excluding Redbull, which by the way, 1 Redbull and Vodka in Vegas will cost you $20. No lie.)  So we managed to sit at the outdoor bar and have a couple cocktails after our long day…

As we walked out of our hotel to find a ride for the night, a limo was parked in front and the driver got out and said “so do you guys need a ride, only $25?” Absolutely. We ended up talking to him the entire ride and he gave us his card and said, "I will take you any where you want to go the entire time you are here for this price, just call me". And guess what? We did. We had just obtained a private driver for the entire weekend. VIP? I think so.

That night, we had made plans to see the new Cirque du Soleil show “Viva ELVIS!” at the Aria hotel in the new City Center. This is a sight to see. Please Google image this just to get a grasp of what its all about. We have dinner reservations at a place called Union in the Aria hotel, which consisted of $18 mini tacos and $16 glasses of wine. After dinner, we ran upstairs to see the show, which was amazing. Working for Elvis Presley Enterprises myself and knowing a little bit about the show since all I have done for the past year is promote it, I still didn’t know what to expect. I came out of there AMAZED. A great show to start a great weekend. Right next door to the show is a place called “The Gold Lounge” where our friend had connections and we were greeted and escorted to a table."

Check back tomorrow for the rest of this amazing story.

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