22 February 2010

Olympics and The Pink Book

My faithful followers - sorry about the delay - life.has.been.crazy.

First, I have started a new job.  I have a great ocean side view, personal assistant and a Starbucks latte machine in my office.  Transitioning into this new lifestyle has been time consuming, but no worries, I am back to the blog.

I am also now going to shamelessly promote myself as Pink Lady Mollie for a bit.  I write for another blog based on weddings - The Pink Book Blog.  Check out my awesome pic below for being Pink Lady Mollie, and then go to the website and look for my photography series.  Even if you are a guy or are not a bride, it's pretty cool stuff.

Don't the Olympics just make you love being American?  I almost bought a flag stand and a Betsy Ross original to hang outside my home.  I am not going to lie, I get really excited when I see Apolo whip around the corner or Shaun White spinning up in the air.  The only downer - I am ready for my Thursday night NBC line-up to come back.

One show that the Olympics has not bumped - PR.  Still L-O-V-E this show.  Last week's challenge where they had to create a child's look complemented by a contemporary piece for their model:genius.  I am still loving Anthony and am glad that Jeanane (or however you spell it) is gone.  She was a little much for me.


  1. Still working at UT -- doing more communications and am in a different department now - it's fun!


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