11 February 2010

Disney Recap

Well I have arrived back from Disney, and let me tell you - it was amazing.  I have a few pictures to post in this blog, and will post some more later this week as well. 

After being delayed out of Knoxville and Atlanta, I finally made it to Disney late Friday night.  I am not going to lie, I was tired and hungry.  Right as I get to my resort I was hoping they would have champagne and chocolates.  Wrong.  Well I was too tired to be upset, so I found my room and collapsed into bed.  The next day I was surrounded by high school dance teams.  We saw everything from glitter tights to mohawks.  The main trend this year though was one Snooki would be proud of: The Poof.  Almost every team, including the 'Crest sported this look.  I know that our team used a bump-it, and believe me, it looked great.  Well Briarcrest did awesome and we had a fun day on Saturday. 

Sunday and Monday were filled with parks - I went to all four in two days, and even squeezed in a little Super Bowl time at the Wide World of Sports.  My favorite park, Hollywood Studios, was one of the best times because it was open only to the dance teams and their families.  I truly felt like a VIP walking in at night with all of the lights.  And to top it off, I rode the Tower of Terror a couple of times and it was amazing.  Another highlight...walking around the world in Epcot.  I met Mary Poppins in England, sipped some wine in France, saw an outdoor theather troupe in Italy and ate dinner in China.  I literally walked halfway around the world in one night.  And any trip would not be complete without celeb sightings.  Of couse I saw Mickey and Minnie, but the superbowl MVP was at the Magic Kingdom the same day I was.  I think you can see my arm in his pictuer on People.com.  All in all I would say it was a succesful trip, and I am ready to go back.  Any one want to join?

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