02 February 2010

Grammys, eh...

I hate to say it, but the Grammys were not over the top this year.  Some of the performances were just blah and the fashion... don't get me started.  Of course we all knew that Lady Gaga was going to be outrageous, but her yellow hair?  It reminded me of a time when I went to a hair salon in the mall to go blonde... mistake number 1.  I came out with yellow golden strands, and when my Mom saw it, she immediately sent me to Salon Visage to get it repaired.

Anyways, back to the Grammys.  My two fave performances were Lady Gaga with Elton John and the MJ tribute. (See videos below)  Yes, "Earth Song" is weird, but when you have a power packed stage with Celine, Carrie, Smokey, Usher and Jennifer, you can do everything.  And on the fashion side, loved Lea Michelle from Glee and Taylor Swift's blue sequined dress.  And for the record, I still love T.Swift, even though her performance was terrible.

Has anyone seen anything else about Glee auditions?  I refresh the page almost twenty times a day, but they have not yet released more details.  Don't worry; I am still preparing my audition video.


  1. molly, i can't believe you didn't love the grammys! i thought it was the best one in awhile...thanks to Gaga, Elton, Green Day, DMB (loved Green Day's performance & DMB's) and BEYONCE (so fierce). i also nodded my head during the black eyed peas and secretly wanted to refresh my rap collection thanks to eminem and Lil' Wayne. What happened! i thought you would love it. oh OH and Mary J & Andrea Bocelli- beautiful. fashion was not exciting though - i agree with you on the clothes!

  2. Well - I did enjoy Beyonce, she really did dispaly her singing chops, but that was it for me. The Black Eyed Peas were good - but Fergie's visor?? Too much!


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