03 February 2010

Pom Squad and Valentine Gifts

This weekend I am heading to a place where no one is ever sad - Disneyworld.  I have my autograph booked packed and am scheduled at a character breakfast.  Life.Can't.Get.Better. 

Actually, I am headed to Orlando to see my little sis compete with the Briarcrest pom squad at the National Dance Team Championship.  So, all day Saturday I will be at the Wide World of Sports wearing green and gold screaming my head off when they perform.  I competed in the championship when I was in the ninth grade, but I have a feeling it's bigger and crazier than ever now.  I can't wait to see the crazy parents holding life size cut outs of their children and the dads running around wearing feather boas.  Believe me, the post after my trip is one that you will not want to miss.  Of course, I will get to experience the parks as well.  I can't wait to spend $15 on a slice of pizza and a coke and ride the Tower of Terror till I'm sick.

February is upon us, and I am excited because that means one month closer till Spring.  Also with this month comes Valentine's Day.  Ahhh love.  I think that the best gift is one of those bix boxes of chocolates from Walgreens.  My faves are the chocolate caramel bites and the chocolate truffles.  The fruit filled ones on the other hand are just plain terrible.  When I take a bite of those I immediately put the rest of that candy back in the box and leave it there for someone who does not have taste buds.

If you are stressed out about what to buy for someone special, you are in the right place.  I have pulled together some ideas that will make everyone from your boo to baby momma happy.


A creative and personalized gift, you can put all of your memories together in a published book.  They are very affordable, and you can find them on sites such as Shutterfly or Snapfish.

A great Accessory
Why not get your boo a nice accessory they can wear?  Personally I am a fan of these cufflinks from Vineyard Vines for your man and this gorgeous Gucci scarf  for your lady.  (I literally look up this scarf everyday on Saks.com and have to talk myself out of buying it each time.  One day I will probably break down, and when I do, I will put a picture of myself wearing it on the blog.)

Personalized M&M's
Who doesn't love these melt in your mouth candies, and with your name and picture on them I know they taste even better.

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