24 February 2010

Good-bye Chili's

OMBlog.  I just found an amazing new blog that you must check out:


It is all about Suri Cruise, and her fashion sense.  Amazing.  This of course comes in third after my blog and then the Pink Book Blog.

Well, working on a college campus provides for some interesting observations.  One, I am insanely jealous of students who think that waking up for their 10 am is early and still get to wear jeans and t-shirt.  Two, leggings and Nike shorts (read my earlier posting on these) are the staple in every girl's wardrobe.  Three, if you don't own Ray-Ban Wayfarers, you might as well drop out.  Since starting my new position, I have immediately only worn Nike shorts to the gym and have already ordered my official wayfarers.  Believe me, I look just like the cool kids while I am walking around campus each day.

And on a sad note today, Chili's on the Strip (aka Cumberland Avenue) has become the latest victim of the economic downturn.  They will be closing their doors tonight so run, don't walk, and grab some chips, queso and 2 for 1's.  I would like to say that I helped support the manager's children attend college with all of the money I (along with my friends) spent at this establishment as an undergraduate.  Meet you there, I will be rocking my shades and shorts.

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