12 January 2010


Last night I was relaxing and reading my new People magazine when I heard the familiar "ping" on my cell phone that signals text messages.  I saw that it was from my sister, and when I opened it I almost fainted.  The simple line read:
"For Glee they are having open auditions!!"

My heart started pounding, my eyes swelling with tears of joy.  Could it be true?  Could my favorite TV show be looking for new talent?  As soon as my sister told me she saw it on E! News I knew it was real.  I quickly googled "Glee Open Casting" and found that in fact, they will be looking for THREE new characters.  I fit the age range, and can still pull off the high school look.  So, I decided within these two and a half whirlwind minutes that I, Mollie, will be sending in a tape.  This is where my loyal readers come in - I need some tips about what to do in the audition video to stand out...  so hit me up via text, gmail, or leave some comments below.  I do have some ideas up my sleeve, but need your input as well.

And of course, once I am cast, I will bring all of you out to LA and we will have a fabulous party.  Can't.Freaking.Wait.

Here is the cast...

Plus my fave...Mr. S...and all they need is:


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