27 January 2010


So the other night I had a fabulous dream.  Do you dream a lot?  I feel as if I do every night, and that they are very vivid.  My father also has vivid dreams... I wonder if there is a genetic connection?  Anyways, back to my dream .  I had a dream that I was Bella from Twilight, and that Edward Cullen was francitally looking for me.  Of course, Edward was R-Patz in my dream and he was totally into me.  The premise was that I was on a mission to escape the evil vampires and find my new family... the Cullens.  Naturally this dream took place on a cruise ship in the Carribbean, but somehow my vampire family was able to hide their sparkling skin.  Right as Edward (R-Patz) found me and put me in his arms, my alarm went off.  Blast.

Project Runway is off to another great start.  I am so glad that it is back in New York, and love most of the designers so far.  The two that have gone have not been very impressive, but I do believe that Ping should go off next.  She is too out there, even for someone that is cultured.  My favorite right now is Anthony because he is part ghetto, part southern and all diva.  He makes me crack up each episode.  I am still on the look out for my favorite designer, and believe that this is going to be a challenging season.

Great news for all of you Harry Potter fanatics.  The next movie will be released in 3-D.  OMHPG (Oh my Harry Potter Gosh).  I know that I will be there in my 3-D glasses along with my Gryffindor scarf ready to cast some spells.

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