11 January 2010

Florida, Anyone?

Raise your hand if you are sick of this cold weather.  Both of mine are up now (I know, it's amazing I can do that and type at the same time).  I am wishing that I was here right now:

If you want to try to get a last minute trip together, let me know.  I am sure they are having some "off-season" deals right now.

A new discovery I have found: Redbox.  Ok, well I know these have been around forever, but DVD's for a buck, better than many things at your local Dollar Tree.  And someone told me that you can go online and find coupons to get them for free - wow, that really makes me excited.  Redbox has also helped me see past the fact that I have not had cable for about 3 1/2 months now.  And believe me, I thought I would have freaked out at some point, but I actually can, gulp, live without cable.  I really do miss Bravo and Style, but I can read all about celebs online, so I really don't need E!  And, I get the basic networks, so I can still see Liz Lemon, Michael Scott and Mr. Schuester each week.  Plus, I save more money so I can go on more fabulous vacays!

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