29 January 2010

New Ad instead of New TV

As many of you know, Thursday night shows were not new last night.  Um...what?!?  I was really looking forward to watching my faves while relaxing after a long day.  Well if you were upset as well, I want to give you something new.  My PR department has finally gotten back on track, and has designed a new logo for the blog.  Let me know your thoughts.  If you want one made for your blog or personal pleasure, contact me and I will get it to the right people.

(Side note, we will probably make T-Shirts as well, will post deets later)

We have also added this to our FB fan page, along with various photos.  If you have something cool or have some fun pics with me, please POST THEM.  Just become a FAN (click here), let me know, and I will put them up.  I def suggest doing this ASAP because you will know all of the latest on the blog.

So, as you all know, I do have a sweet tooth.  I am trying to suppress it this year on a new healthy living kick, but I can never pass up Muddy's Bake Shop.  My boo was in the far land of Memphis this past week, and brought back some cupcakes...yum.  I have already had 3.  Besides Memphis Pizza Cafe, Muddy's is one of my favorite places to eat in the 901.  (Shout out to Miss Lauren Busby, who shares the same affinity to these restaurants.)

The winter storm of 2010 is supposed to hit Knoxville.  So far, no snow has come down but all of the kiddies are out on a snow day.  I highly doubt that a snow storm is going to hit, but if so, I have enough cupcakes and wine to keep me happy if I am snowed in.

I have heard word from our guest blogger, Miss Dean.  She was walking into Caesar's Palace yesterday when we spoke briefly, and promised me an amazing post... so stay tuned.

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