13 January 2010

Breaking up is hard to do... Kiffin Breaks my heart while JT puts it back together

Well, as most of you Vol fans know... Lane Kiffin is gone.  I won't go into detail because one this is not an ESPN blog and two you probably already have all the deets; but this picture is my favorite of all the craziness that has surrounded him leaving. 

I hope that he gets out of Tennessee alive, there are some crazy Vol fans and rednecks around here, I know that I would be scared.

In celeb break-ups, I have never been more happy to report that my man J. Timberlake has FINALLY gotten rid of Jessica Biel.  Hello, what has she been in since 7th Heaven?  Now... who should JT date next?  Well me of course, but that will probably not work out because he lives in California and I have a boo already.  Oh well, a girl can dream and at least we have our hometown's in common - 901 What What!

This got me to thinking... Who should JT date now?  I believe the answer is obvi : Taylor Swift.  Since she spilt with Taylor Lautner (teardrops, thought that was the cutest relationship ev), she needs someone who is bigger and better.  This is where JT comes in.  They can colloborate, then get married, and then have a house full of curly haired children.  What a day that would be.  Hopefully I would get to nanny for a summer when they are touring around the world together.

On a more serious note... I heard that Hound Dogs in Knoxville is donating all of your unwanted Lane Kiffin shirts to earthquake victims in Haiti.  So, get over there and donate them, along with other things that you don't need.  Giving back is oh so hip.

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