29 October 2011

Vote on My New Hair Color...and win a Guest Blog Spot

{Cold weather is here, and I finally have a free nigh to relax and catch up on my DVR. I know, I know, the Tennessee Vols are playing, but seriously, I am about to see who wins Project Runway.  I guess I am being a fair weathered fan, but let's get one thing straight, even while I was in school, tailgating was my fave part of football season. What can I say? I am a social person.

By catching up on my fave TV shows (PR, Rachel Zoe, Real Housewives, Modern Family, etc.) a little thought has been put into my head.

Should I try a new hair color?

Confession: I don't even know my true hair color. I guess it is a light brown. Here I am circa 1988 (diva in training). 

The reason I don't know is because when I was 14 I thought it would be totally rad to buy Sun-In. I mean, what young teenage girl has not tried Sun-In? It lightened my hair and I was rocking the look. UNTIL fall came and so did my roots. My mother immediately took me to the salon to get them done. I was 14 and I remember hearing a women ask "How old is that young girl that is getting highlights??" Obvi I did not mind because I did feel like a celeb. And seriously, hasn't everyone seen Toddlers and Tiaras? Those girls are getting highlights at age 2.

Back on point, I was so thankful my Mom helped me get rid of the roots. I loved my locks, brown with a golden glint. BUT, I got bored over time. I would get highlights, and then grab a box from Walgreen's and go all over black. And this did not just happen one time... it has happened a lot. The moral of this story: I like to change up my hair color.

I have been blonde for awhile, and I really do like it. But I am itching for something new. I enjoyed being ombre, but then I lightened up again. I have been thinking about doing a dramatic change... dark brown, red, or low lights... I just can't make up my mind.

Should I go brunette?


Ombre with Peach????

OR stay blonde (I always love blonde locks, and don't blondes have more fun??? I see all the new shades, and my heart says "go", but my head says "stay the same".)

What do you think? Which one should I try out? 

Here I am now:

Remember, it needs to go with my new leopard cape. So, write your comments on what I should do or tweet me @molliemorgan. If you choose the winning color, you will DEF be mentioned/receive a guest spot in the blog.} 

{photos via pinterest}


  1. You could so pull off red (which is not an easy thing to do!) BUT stay blonde. It suits you! I totes love you as a blonde! And blondes have more fun. Or so I'm told...

  2. I think you should go brown or red. It's a nice dark color for the upcoming cold months that appear more natural while blond seems more summer-sun kissed type of style!

  3. Red!!!! And I cannot believe you won that cape off Man Repeller!!!! I never win anything!


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